About My Site

Is this page for you? If you are interested in health, food, beauty + lifestyle then this page will be perfect for you!

This page is intended to:

  • Allow you to follow me through my journey at Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine — providing an area where I am able to educate and enlighten you on all the intriguing thing that I’m learning!
  • Be a place to share easy DIY recipes for beauty and cleaning products — to inspire you to incorporate more natural products into your daily life!
  • Be a place to share and collaborate on different health inspired food and drink recipes.
  • A space to share different lifestyle tips and rituals that I stumble upon — to make your life a little simpler

Ultimately, it is a place to share, inspire, motivate, and educate you guys to be able to open your mind + follow your heart + dream big to accomplish all your health and wellness goals!