Simple DIY Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is an essential for every girl! It helps you out on the non-hair wash days and it tends to be a real lifesaver! If you are anything like me and don’t like you wash your hair every day, dry shampoo can be a great product to leave your hair looking its best each day!!

Dry shampoo is a hair product that gets sprayed or shaken into your hair that soaks up the oils in your hair to take that “greasy” look away. Most people (myself included), typically go down to the drug store and just pick up a bottle of dry shampoo off the shelf that costs about 10-15 bucks and hope it will do the trick… but guess what!? you’re wasting your money and allowing that dry shampoo to have a negative effect on your health! Dry shampoo from the store is packing with hundreds of chemicals that can have detrimental effects on the endocrine system, which can lead to further health consequences in the future. After realizing I was wasting my money on a product that was negatively impacting my health I knew I needed to make the switch to a natural dry shampoo. This issue is… where can you find one? It really isn’t that easy so I decided to come up with a recipe that was cheap, simple + free of all chemicals, I know you guys will love it… it leaves your hair happy and healthy!


Here are a few examples of chemicals that are found in the commercial dry shampoo (including brands like Dove, herbal essences + Pantene). I want you to take a look at why they have added these chemicals to their product and why they are a problem for you and your health! It is so important to educate yourself!!!

I also included the EWG rating. The EWG is a cosmetic database that compiles information about different beauty products and the potential risks they could be to your health. It also gives you information on individual chemicals that are present in different products and they rank them on a scale to inform you of how harmful they are. The scale is 1-2 = low hazard, 3-6 = medium hazard + 7-10 = extreme hazard. So ultimately you would want to stay away from anything that has a score above 3.


  • What is it — it is used as a propellant in aerosol cans to help get the dry shampoo out of the bottle
  • Why it’s a problem — it is very flammable and explosive, it acts as an irritant to the lungs causing shortness of breath or suffocation, and it can even cause frostbite when combined with liquid exposure
  • 7/10 on EWG

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Propane + Butane)

  • What is it — very similar function to the isobutane, it helps to propel the dry shampoo out of the bottle and spray evenly into the hair
  • Why it’s a problem — it is very flammable and explosive, it can cause nausea, vomiting or a headache, it can cause you to suffocate
  • 4/10 on EWG


  • What is it — it a mixture of chemicals that gives a unique smell to a product
  • Why it’s a problem — it is an irritant, allergenic, carcinogen + neurotoxin, it causes allergic symptoms + can elicit migraines
  • 8/10 on EWG

Alcohol denat

  • What is it — is ethanol that is mixed with a denaturing agent, it carries the oil drying agents from the bottle to your hair and then evaporates quickly
  • Why it’s a problem — irritant, carcinogenic, toxic + teratogenic
  • 4/10 on EWG


After learning about all those crazy chemicals in the drug store dry shampoo I hope you see why it is important to make your own! And guess what!?!? It only takes 2 simple ingredients (… yes only 2!). The ingredients include:

Arrowroot powder — it is a great absorption agent making it great to pull the oils out of your hair

Essential oil — it adds a wonderful smell to the dry shampoo but it can also have a secondary function depending on the oil you choose


Simple DIY Dry Shampoo

[makes: 1 shaker]


  • 1/3 C arrowroot powder
  • 10 drops of essential oil


  • Sift the arrowroot powder to get all the lumps out
  • Add in the essential oil + whisk until incorporated
  • Transfer it to a salt or pepper shaker
  • To use: shake into hair and rub into scalp with fingers + brush remainder out
  • ENJOY!





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