With January coming to an end all those “New Year” resolutions become a lot harder to stay compliant with. I encourage you to not give up all hope!!! I have never been a huge fan of New Year resolutions, as they are always impractical and resolutions tend to be about going to the gym or getting fit. Resolutions are outdated. Intentions are the new resolutions!!!

Intentions are the little things that you plan to do, goals you want to conquer + dreams you wish to achieve. Planning intentions gives you something to strive for, which can be truly gratifying. Intentions can be done at your own pace, you can change them: weekly, monthly and even yearly (or combination of all three). There is freedom and leeway with setting personal intentions, so be creative and inspire yourself to be more wonderful than you already are!


My preference is to write my intentions at the beginning of each month in my agenda, so I have a constant reminder every day of what I have set out to accomplish. I like to doodle and be creative, it makes the whole process a lot more enjoyable and much easier to stick to! I always like to make my intentions realistic and easily achievable, because if you don’t it can become very discouraging if they are never accomplished. Make your intentions challenging and attainable, (and I KNOW you can do anything you set your mind to!). It is extremely important to remember that if you don’t stick to your intentions 100% to not give up and consider them a failure. I know sometimes it can get difficult and unmotivating when things aren’t happening perfectly, but keep your head high and just do the best you can. Even just writing the list is a great start and huge accomplishment!!

The importance of writing down and committing to your intentions is really up to you and your personal preferences. Importance to everyone has a different meaning, so it is crucial to understand why you are intending to do them before you write them down. This will help to bring clarity and allow you to be able to write from your heart.

I would like to show you guys an example of my intentions that I made for the month! Remember they can be anything you want, so get creative or be simple… the choice is up to you!!


Doing this very simple task may seem silly to some, but if you just believe me and try it can be quite rewarding! There is something about putting pen to paper that really helps to get ideas flowing and makes the whole process official for yourself. It is just a cheap and easy way get you motivated to achieve the simple goals that you have always wanted to accomplish. I would like to give you guys a few little tips to help make this process one that will turn into a ritual for you!!

Intention Making Tips

  • Write your intentions in a special place — this can be an agenda, favorite notebook or even a poster on the fridge
  • Make a pretty template  — number as many intentions you would like to conquer at that time and then fill the page with wonderful and inspiring drawings before writing (you can even laminate it and use it like a whiteboard, making it simple to change your intentions when the time comes)
  • Make your intentions achievable for you! — make them a challenging, but don’t push yourself too hard to fast
  • DO NOT be upset or discouraged if you didn’t stick to your intentions perfectly — they are just a guideline… pick yourself back up and keep working on it
  • Share your intentions — with family, friend + me! I would love to hear what your guys’ intentions are because you continue to inspire me every day!
  • Remind yourself of your intentions continually — it will help you remember why you are doing them in the first place

I hope that you guys learned a little bit as to why writing down your intentions is important and will continue to allow your creativity to inspire you to accomplish all your lifelong goals and intentions!

When you write your intentions be sure to share them with me by leaving a comment or posting them on Instagram! Tag @barefoot.brit I can’t wait to see all the things you guys come up with!




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